Discover a Smart City Virtual Reality App

Discover a Smart City Virtual Reality App

Curious about virtual reality? Wondering about what possible high-tech improvements may be just around the corner? Then read on!

The City of Edmonton ran engagement sessions over the summer of 2018 using a Smart City Virtual Reality engagement app. The app was developed by a team of local tech enthusiasts, and the City used it as a way to have an immersive experience around what some of the new smart city technology might be like in Edmonton’s near future.

Download this Android app and use your favourite virtual reality headset (such as Google Cardboard). The app is not available through the Google Play store while it is being pilot tested during the engagement sessions, so you will have to allow your phone to install an “unauthorized app,” which means it has not been entered into Google Play.

Please note that these are explorations of smart city ideas and not necessarily technology or partnerships the City is actively pursuing. This is intended to be a tool to improve digital literacy as well as promote discussion. We would like your feedback, please contact

This project was created by Ksenia Benifand and Joe Lang, in partnership with the Digital Enablement Section of City of Edmonton and was managed through BetaCityYEG.

  • Ksenia Benifand, civic tech community member who led development of the VR app:
  • Joe Lang, VR app developer:
Check out the app today!
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