Meet Wendy Gnenz: Edmonton’s Smart Cities Challenge Executive Sponsor

Meet Wendy Gnenz: Edmonton’s Smart Cities Challenge Executive Sponsor

Edmonton’s Smart Cities Challenge Team is already off to the races, and we aim to move the needle regarding society’s approach to cities and health.  As Edmonton works on its final application, we wanted to highlight some of the inspirational leaders who are going to help transform Canadian healthcare through relationships, data and innovative technologies.

Wendy Gnenz, Chief Information Officer, City of Edmonton

Smart Cities Challenge Edmonton - Executive Sponsor

Day Job: Chief Information Officer and Branch Manager of the Open City and Technology Branch at the City of Edmonton.

Experience: Chartered Professional Accountant and a certified Management Consultant. Wide variety of experience in strategy, process, technology and consulting from working in the health industry, municipal and provincial governments and private sector organizations

Leadership: Wendy is a leader that likes to push the boundaries and has no problems “disrupting” the old to make way for the better new. Over the past year, Wendy has led the transformation of data and technology at the City of Edmonton through the development of a comprehensive Business Technology Strategy, which reimagines how partnerships and usable information can provide innovative, integrated services to residents. In the workplace, Wendy has fostered a culture of collaboration through the motto “Think Yes!” which encourages staff to always approach issues/problems with a can-do attitude. 

Under Wendy guidance, Edmonton’s Smart Cities Challenge team was encouraged to imagine that anything was possible. This led to our ambitious Challenge Statement that calls for an unprecedented municipal approach to health, leading Edmonton to becoming a finalist. Under her continued executive sponsorship, the rest of the team has confidence that we can bring the $50 million home.

Hobbies: Wendy is an avid athlete. In the summer she enjoys jogging, hiking and swimming and competing in triathlons. While in the winter, she can be found cross country skiing, skate skiing and snowshoeing. But, fall, winter, spring or summer, Wendy’s favourite pastime is walking her dog, Baxter — a golden lab who she argues is “the cutest.” 

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