Our Open Data Program


Edmonton is a global leader in open data, open government,
digital innovation and Smart City.

The City of Edmonton is the Canadian leader in Open Data. It was the fourth municipality and the third major Canadian city to host an online Open Data Catalogue when the City launched its platform in January 2010.

Open Data is freely available, easy to access, and most importantly, simple for the public to reuse in machine-readable formats. This data, is available in the the Open Data Portal.

Elements of our open data program:


Leading the way to an open, smart and resilient city.

This vision statement emphasizes the City’s commitment to continued Open Government leadership and support for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal through the release of open data. Through
provisioning, delivering, consuming and crowd sourcing data, the City will enhance services, stimulate economic opportunities, encourage innovation, unlock new social values and inspire citizens.

City of Edmonton Vision Diagram


The City of Edmonton’s practices are aligned to support openness, transparency and consistency.

An effective open data program balances both the release of information as a public asset and the consumption of data as a strategic resource. To do so, the program reflects cultural and institutional changes, engages citizens and users, develops external collaboration and co-creates value.  The Open City Initiative is premised on the following five principles:


All of the data that the City collects or uses should be open and accessible for anyone.

City policies, directives and delegations of authority clearly define ownership of public information and the expectations of how this information is provided to the public. Employees are provided with the appropriate training and tools to effectively manage information on behalf of the public. The City of Edmonton is the Canadian leader in Open Data. Edmonton’s Open City Goals are:

The City of Edmonton’s practices are aligned to support openness, transparency and consistency.

  • Manage, maintain and make the City’s vast stores of information available in a responsible manner.
  • Promote collaboration between citizens and administration through digital equality.
  • Manage the City’s data and information as a strategic resource.

Through innovative and inclusive public engagement approaches, the City creates opportunities for people to interact with the City and impact the design, development and delivery of public programs, services and policies. The City supports community building and leadership for engaged citizenship through education and collaboration.

  • Develop a coordinated and strategic approach to public engagement.
  • Employ innovative approaches to engage with Edmontonians in ways that are relevant to them.
  • Leverage technology and new business models to enhance service delivery for Edmontonians.
  • Support dialogue and consultation with constituents and stakeholders.

The City will enhance the quality and increase the quantity of information available through the Open Data Program. Through provisioning, delivering, consuming and crowdsourcing data, the City will enhance services, stimulate economic opportunities, encourage innovation and unlock new social values.

  • Manage the open data lifecycle through a governance body.
  • Engage key stakeholders to offer their perspectives regarding content, accessibility and usability.
  • Actively engage non-profit organizations, business and the community to design and deliver programs and services in an integrated and efficient manner.
  • Leverage the momentum of the existing Open Data Program and encourage the adoption of open data through a formal knowledge management initiative.
  • Evolve the approach of the Open Data Program with regards to data collection, aggregation and release.
  • Increase open data usage and application to include use cases such as innovative solutions to public challenges, development of consumer or commercial products and informed citizen interactions with members of City Council.

Information is provided to Edmontonians to promote participation and collaboration, increase knowledge and build capacity in the community.

  • Build accountability and trust through ongoing reporting.
  • Provide valued information and services to the public in multiple channels.

By leveraging the vast stores of City data and new analytic capabilities, Open Analytics supports informed policy development and decision making. Tools and resources are provided to citizens and City staff to empower them to work with data.

  • Empower City staff to gain insights regarding the City’s program, services and policies through the use of data, business intelligence and analytics.
  • Increase the volume and quality of analytics tools available to citizens as they explore city data and gain insights.
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