Our Pilot Project


Edmonton is completing a pilot project as outlined in our phase one proposal.

Our approach to managing our pilot project is focused on achieving outcomes by following a detailed, complete, feasible and well-suited plan. We will be following the project management plan outlined by Infrastructure Canada. This includes:

  • Defining a Plan: Outlining the project scope, scheduling, sequencing, and dependencies.
  • Allocating Resources: Defining which resources (human, material, or financial) will be required.
  • Developing Strategies: Identifying risks, procurement process, stakeholder management and communication strategies.
  • Measuring Outcomes: Monitoring, controlling and reporting on progress. Providing course corrections if necessary.
  • Succession Planning: Ensuring sustainability of project beyond its life cycle.

We will be releasing the details around our pilot project, our outcomes and results achieved. Stay tuned for more information!

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