Our Smart City Approach


As a smart city, Edmonton is a world leader in leveraging technology and innovation to provide an exceptional quality of life for our communities, partners and residents.

For Edmonton, being a Smart City is about more than just adopting new technologies and encouraging innovation. 

Together, we create and nurture a resilient, livable and workable community that rises to the challenges we face today, provides our residents with a joyful experience and embraces the opportunities of tomorrow. 

The City encourages all individuals, industries and academic sectors to work as partners in our open innovation ecosystem.

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Examples of our open innovation ecosystem:

Download our data from our award-winning portal.

Learn how we use crime data in our smart city.

Discover the Healthy City Initiative.


Edmonton is a smart city, a leader in using innovation to improve municipal services, from public safety to public works to transit.

‘Smart City’ is a term used to describe a municipal ecosystem where technology, innovation and collaboration intersect to create improved civic services and enhanced quality of life for residents.

Smart Cities are the communities of the future, where groups work together as partners to build a better tomorrow.

Edmonton’s strategy for becoming and withholding its a smart city approach.

Edmonton’s strategic plan for meeting the technology expectations of today.

Edmonton’s journey to become an open city by default.

Edmonton’s commitment to bring to action its open city principles.


Edmonton's Smart City Strategy defines how we govern our work.

A Smart City is not just about technology. It is about creating and nurturing a resilient, livable, and workable City through the use of technology, data and social innovation.

  1. Resiliency: A municipality that is resilient is adaptive, well planned and flexible – one that can withstand external shocks such as economic crisis, epidemics, congestion, transport breakdowns and environmental pollution.
  2. Livability: A municipality that is livable is one in which citizens are healthy, engaged with their community and actively minimize their environmental footprint.
  3. Workability: A municipality that is workable is one that connects its citizens through advanced transportation and mobility, broadband connectivity, educational institutions and smart infrastructure.
  • Academic Institutions: Promote innovation, accelerate startup formation and leverage talents and knowledge.
  • Government: Effective decision making, collaboration, cost reduction and resilient public services.
  • Industry: Promote innovation, new business development, develop new products and services and increase investments.
  • Residents: Better community connectivity, improved social equality, increased employment and better quality of life.


Edmonton has gained international attention for its Smart City efforts.

Wendy Gnenz, Edmonton’s Chief Information Officer, was awarded the Canadian Open Data Leader of the Year Award at the 2018 Canadian Open Data Awards. Learn more here.

The City of Edmonton’s Vision Zero team was awarded the Open Data for Impact Award at the 2018 Canadian Open Data Awards. Learn more here.

Edmonton is the first Canadian partner of the Bloomberg Philanthropies What Works Cities. Learn more here.

Edmonton has secured the top spot in a comprehensive evaluation of open data programs among 61 Canadian municipalities by Public Sector Digest. Learn more here.

The Canadian Open Data Summit is an annual conference held across Canada to convene and bolster the Open Data movement. Edmonton planned, organized and executed the 2017 conference. Learn more here.

Edmonton was recognized for promoting outstanding information and communications technology, e-Government, and Smart City innovations. Learn more here.

Edmonton was recognized for our strong relationships with local businesses, post-secondary institutions and not-for-profits.  Learn more here.

Edmonton has been awarded the ICF Smart 21 recognition for four years. Learn more here.

Edmonton was awarded the medal of Distinction for its Open City Initiative and philosophy on open government. Learn more here.

Edmonton was awarded an open data award by the Open Data Society of BC and Open North. Learn more here.

Edmonton was awarded an open data award by the Open Data Society of BC and Open North. Learn more here.

Edmonton was awarded the Silver IPAC/Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Award for our Citizen Dashboard. Learn more here.

Edmonton was the first Canadian City to receive this award. Learn more here.

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