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Healthy City

The health and well-being of our residents is a primary focus for the City of Edmonton, and we have taken many steps toward branding the City of Edmonton as a Health City. For this reason, we have chosen the theme of Healthy City.

Edmonton has an intellectual edge, with six post-secondary institutions, which each play an integral role in the delivery of highly skilled talent, engaging in world-class research and technologies. Edmonton also has a provincial health authority that delivers medical care on behalf of the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Health. Alberta Health Services is headquartered in Edmonton and is the largest single health authority in Canada.

The City recognizes that municipalities are a vital component of the healthcare system and will actively work to promote healthy living and provide services for our most vulnerable populations. We are committed to improving the physical, mental, economic and social health and well-being of Edmontonians.

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We are committed to improving the following four indicators of health.

Economic Health
Economic Health is economic and social wealth that is sustained over time, allowing families for generations to participate in economic life and have a greater say over their future.

Physical Health
Physical Health is critical for overall well-being and is the most visible of the various dimensions of health, which also include social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and environmental health.

Mental Health
Mental health is a psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of behavioural adjustment emotionally, psychologically and socially. It is a level of psychological well-being.

Social Health
Social Health involves building healthy, nurturing and supportive relationships as well as fostering a genuine connection with those around you. It also relates to the ability to adapt to social situations.

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